Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Medical Marijuana in Arizona Regulated by State-Issued Cards

News that Arizona has made medicinal marijuana legal has seen an upsurge in dispensaries, with three new shops opening in March 2013 alone, and a few more on the way. However, to make sure that the treatment is dispensed only to those who are truly in need of it, certain regulations have been put in place. For a patient to avail medicinal marijuana for themselves, they first have to acquire a state-issued medical marijuana card. And for a patient to acquire a medical marijuana card, they must have a referral from a licensed physician. The patient's qualifying condition must be verified, and must also be truly treatable by medicinal marijuana. It would also be good to consult with an allergist in Phoenix, or wherever is more convenient, to see if the patient might have an allergic reaction to this alternative medicine. Allergy experts, such as those from Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates, PC can help find solutions to any marijuana allergies, should any be found.

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