Friday, October 16, 2015

6 Simple Tips for Reducing Fall Allergies

Your allergist in Avondale knows fall can be a miserable time for allergy sufferers. Why do fall allergies seem to wreak more havoc than in the spring? Cooler weather and changing foliage leading plants and weeds to release pollens, in addition to the additional punch of outdoor molds proliferating under fallen leaves.
Before ragweed and other fall allergens have you running to your allergist-immunologist, try implementing these simple, common sense tips for foiling fall allergies:

  1. Plan ahead.
    Before you plan outdoor activities, check pollen counts, scheduling events for when pollen is at its lowest.
  2. Take an antihistamine.
    Consult your allergist in Avondale to determine the best over the counter antihistamines to take before heading outdoors.
  3. Reduce exposure.
    If you can’t skip outdoor activities, consider donning a mask and leaving tasks until the middle of the day when pollen is at its lowest. Avoid outdoor activities in the early morning hours
  4. Stay clean.
    Your home – and your body. Wash off as soon as possible after spending time outside. When possible, change clothes before entering your home to prevent distributing allergens inside. Store shoes outside, and don’t hang clothes out to dry either.

Make sure air conditioning system is clean!
When allergy season is in full bloom, close your windows and let your heating and air system help you keep indoor air clear of allergens. Change your filter regularly, particularly during allergy season. To prevent the distribution of allergens throughout your home.  Also, investing in a HEPA air filter would be worthwhile! Don’t hide out in your home, manager allergies with ease this fall season. With these simple tips and the help of your immunologist, you too can get back to enjoying the great outdoors!

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