Friday, February 12, 2016

Have asthma? Why seeing a specialist is so important!

Family physicians and general practitioners are great for handling day-to-day health issues. But oxygen deficiency resulting from asthma symptoms can be serious business. That’s where a great Phoenix asthma specialist can help. What makes them “special”? An asthma doctor in Phoenix is trained specially for taking care of kids, adults or the elderly who are dealing with asthma and allergy induced asthma.

How much training does an asthma specialist have? 
Your local allergy & asthma clinic asthma specialist has received a minimum of 9 years of training, as well as an additional two year fellowship focused on either allergic or lung diseases. Types of doctors that treat asthma include:
·         Allergists/Immunologists
Treat allergic diseases, including asthma.

·         Pulmonologists
Specialize in diseases affecting the lungs.

Why so much training?
Because asthma is serious business. It cannot be managed with a simple prescription such as with colds, flus, aches and pains. Asthma is a chronic disease, requiring constant monitoring and attention for effective management and prevention of dangerous asthma attacks.

What are the benefits of seeing an asthma specialist?
·         Better management of symptoms.
·         Reduced absences from work/school due to asthma symptoms.
·         Less emergency room visits.
·         Improved quality of life.

Do I need an asthma specialist?
If you’ve been trying to manage asthma for months without relief of symptoms, an asthma specialist may be better able to help you keep the condition under control. An asthma specialist is an especially good idea if you:
·         Have been hospitalized for asthma symptoms due to the inability to control them.
·         Have experienced life-threatening asthma attacks.
·         Are suffering unusual asthma symptoms.
·         Experience allergy-induced asthma symptoms.
·         Have other health conditions.

Ready to start breathing easier? Find an Arizona based asthma specialist  near you today.

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