Monday, May 2, 2016

Going beyond the symptoms in treating allergies

Allergies are pretty common in the spring. For a lot of people over the counter medicines work fine, but that is just treating the symptoms. Immunologists say shots can help a person develop a tolerance for allergies, and even cure them. The shots are an extreme measure though, and usually only done when allergies reach a severe level.

The allergies have to be severe enough, but doctors say allergies can be overcome with shots. You get the shots after going through a battery of tests to determine exactly what is causing your allergies, and to what degree. She shots are custom designed for each person, and you have to be consistent in going to the doctor to get the shot each week for it to work. After about six months the serum, or the shots, can be adjusted. A Scottsdale allergy clinic will advise you on the best approach for your individual condition by performing specific allergy tests on you.

The most common allergies are grass and ragweed pollens. People are also allergic   to tree pollen, mold, dust, food and other things. Sometimes it is a combination of things, like ragweed and mold, that cause symptoms.

A daily pill that can be used for grass and ragweed allergies, which work as well as shots. But it only works for those two things. If you have mold allergies too, you will have to get shots. The shots may also be tailored to fit your individual condition, and can address both pollen and mold, or any combination you might have.

The goal of immunology is to completely cure the allergy problem by helping a person build up a tolerance for the thing that is causing an allergic reaction. If symptoms are beyond minor, or if they last all year, this might be a reasonable alternative. The shots do require that you go to see the doctor once a week, which is a commitment of time and money. Immunology or immunologist and Scottsdale Allergy Doctor will closely monitor your progress and adjust the shots as time passes to get the best overall effect.

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