Sunday, July 10, 2016

Moving Beyond Your Mucousy Misery: A Guide to Visiting the Allergy Doctor

Brain fog. Puffy eyes. Constantly dripping nose. Sneezes that throw your back out. Wishing you took out stock in the tissue industry…. When you’re experiencing more than your typical allergies, a typical doctor such as your primary care physician may not be able to offer the symptom management you need. To get back to your much-loved and missing quality of life, enlisting the help of a knowledgeable and well-versed allergy doctor may be in order.
How can you attain optimal results?
  • Plan ahead.
    Keeping a symptom diary on timing and triggers before visiting your area Scottsdale allergy clinic.
  • Follow through.
    Make – and attend – the appointment. Your allergy doctor can’t help you if you don’t show! Be sure to ask about special instructions for you appointment for the most efficient use of everyone’s time.
  • Be prepared.
    During your visit, be sure to have access to the following information:
    • Your complete medical history.
      This may involve a records transfer from other physicians to help your allergist paint a complete picture and understand if any lifelong problems may be contributing to your condition.
    • Your allergy history – and your family’s.
      This helps your doctor gain a better understanding on contributing factors, such as desert foliage, pollution, and other common contributors. Family history is also especially important in food allergies.
    • Your medications.
      Bring in medications currently in use, as well as those used in the past which have been effective, for your doctor to review during your visit.
    • Your questions.
      Allergy doctors like – and encourage – questions. Writing a list prior to your visit ensures you won’t forget any.
Though some general practitioners may be able to diagnose and treat your allergies, moderate, severe, or long-lasting cases require the attention of an understanding allergy doctor. Get the help your raw nose and antihistamine-laden body really needs. Find a Scottsdale allergy clinic near you today!

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