Monday, September 19, 2016

Do I Have Asthma, or am I Just Out of Shape?

Can’t make it to a 10 count without gasping for air? It may not be an exercise routine that’s too difficult for you – it may be asthma, or exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) to be precise. How can your Phoenix asthma specialist tell the difference?

Diving into EIB:
One in 10 experience exercise-induced bronchospasm – when airway muscle spasms constrict airflow. This asthma-related coughing or shortness of breath typically occurs 5 to 10 minutes after exercise starts or ends. It is typically accompanied by wheezing, chest tightness, and fatigue, and may be more pronounced in cold, dry environments.

Drop and give me 20:
A  Phoenix asthma specialist can diagnose this condition with the help of breathing tests performed after exercise and while resting. They will also take a thorough medical history to identify other potential triggers, which can worsen this condition, such as air pollution, high pollen counts and respiratory infections.

Reaching your potential:
Luckily, a diagnosis of EIB doesn’t mean the end of exercise goals. A trained allergy and asthma doctor can help you reach new heights with lifestyle changes and proper treatment, including:
  • Proper hydration.
  • Effective warm-ups and cool-downs that will benefit your condition.
  • The prescription of inhaled bronchodilators such as albuterol or formoterol before exercise as bronchospasm prevention or as needed for symptom relief.
  • Identifying environmental triggers.
  • Advice on new exercise routines or ways to minimize exposure to environmental triggers, such as wearing a scarf during cold weather, exercising in a climate-controlled environment, and more.

Tired of struggling through your exercise routine? Don’t throw in the towel – take it to the next level. Find a Phoenix asthma specialist near you today.

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